Sigma SD1 - 7-fps not bad

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Re: Wasn't aimed at you

Paul North wrote:

HUH, I didn't think it was a trick question to Sigma ? I asked what the FPS would be, meaning Frames Per Sec not buffer size. I didn't think they would confuse the two.

There may be such variables too such as RAW+JPEG vs JPEG vs solely RAW vs variations of resolution within RAW. It's been noted that the SD1 is expected to have various settings IN RAW, ie Hi vs Med vs Low. Current cameras do not; earlier cameras (SD9/10) did.

Such variables can lead to misunderstandings and mis-information too. We're (people posting on this forum) are expecting rather large file sizes too... 40MB to even 60MB with fine detail, highest res... so that's lots of data to push around. I just bought a new 8GB CF card to use on my SD14 now and on the SD1 later. I'm showing about 500 shots in RAW on the SD14... it certainly won't be that number on the SD1 LOL.

I have no idea of frames per second in the various settings, I'm just saying (and I think Rick too) that we'll know when the specifications are officially announced.
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