Update K-5 to 1.03?

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Updates may well be optional

I'm afraid I have to offer a different view here.

We (the nice people I work with) do not install every patch, sub-dot release, or even every dot release our vendors produce for their software. Sometimes we'll skip a whole release.


Because they may be fixing bugs or adding functionality in areas that do not concern us. The "improvements" always require regression testing prior to deployment on a production system and they may well introduce new problems in exchange for .... nothing.

We need our systems, large and small, to perform properly and we have no desire to expend effort and introduce risk without clear gain.

If we see something we need or our vendors have a policy regarding releases supported, we will take the project on, however painful.

But "no break, no fix" can make a lot of sense. Updates may be required for some users and optional for others.

One would hope that the manufacturers' in-house regression testing is thorough enough to create confidence. I'm not that confident .....

awaldram wrote:

If your car was pulling to the left would you take it in for the tracking to be fixed.??

Even though you've read of cars falling off the ramps.?

I don't understand the philosophy "if its broke leave it broke", firmware updates are not released because manufacture fancied it .

All updates cause pain to the producer both in R+D plus the failed units needing repair, So it a safe bet any firmware update released is required not optional.

Take sensible precautions i.e ensure your battery is fully charged then go for it.

Remember most firmware updates have undocumented fixes in them , So don't delay as once your warranty has expired your on your own if it goes wrong.

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