Any Canon P&S as a dedicated camcorder?

Started May 18, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: Any Canon P&S as a dedicated camcorder?

I wouldn't. Canon's AF system is weak compared to Panasonic and Sony and 720p isn't acceptable imho if video is your primary purpose. You can get a 40" 1080p Sony for about $275 now so I don't know why anyone would limit themselves to an old 720p. That said, the only P&S that can really truly replace a camcorder at this point is probably the Panasonic FZ100. Sony's P&S video is great, but P&S ca don't offer the same features, capabilities, or even hardware of dedicated camcorders. That said, the video has gotten good enough for me that I am willing to sacrifice a bit for the portability of the P&S cam.

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