D200 vs D5100

Started May 18, 2011 | Discussions thread
toomanycanons Forum Pro • Posts: 11,714
Re: D200 vs D5100

I'm surprised somebody hasn't chimed in with "...the D200s outdated technology..."

I never owned a D200 but I've handled one and it's a tank. Some prefer a heavy bulky camera for their own reasons. I'm into lighter bodies, don't care about weather sealing (always indoors for the most part) and don't mind menu diving to change settings.

Anybody who owns a D200 care to comment on its CCD images vs the D5100's CMOS images? I see D200's come up all the time on my local Craigslist, some "lightly used", is there any reason I'd want one around just to have it? Under what scenarios would I break out the D200 and leave a D5100 at home?

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