very impressed with this wide angle adaptor (3 pics)

Started May 18, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: very impressed with this wide angle adaptor (3 pics)

yes, really nice quality for a SWA adapter. A few others have previously posted very nice results from this 16mm/WA combo on the forum. Sony did a really good job on this converter, and mechanically / pricewise also a nice product. Too bad that the quality of the 16mm itself is often less convincing (unless at f/8-f/11, or if you happen to get a really good copy).

These images are at f/11, and there is still obvious CA near the corner of the second picture. I noticed the same CA problem in other pictures of this combo: similar to the 16mm without converter, but a bit stronger. Seems this CA is a nonlinear issue, almost impossible to remove (automatically) in PP.

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