D200 vs D5100

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Re: D200 vs D5100

He only asked two questions and only one could reasonably be answered with, "yes". What are the other 2 yesses for?

Let's see the first question was whether the image quality from the D5100 is better. Invariably, the answer is yes (grats you got one right). The reason it's yes is because it's backed up by facts and statistics.

The other question was whether or not it was a better camera. Well there is no correct answer here except, "it depends". The reason is the D200 actually has some features that out-do the D5100 and also has a completely different build. The D200 has better durability but is also bigger and bulkier. For you to say, "yes," is completely wrong.

And, as previously mentioned, there wasn't a third question. 1/3 isn't bad, I guess.

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

Yes, yes and yes.

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Truthful C&C appreciated. No need to sugar-coat things for me!

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