Fast RAW-workflow in photoshop - need advice

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Re: Fast RAW-workflow in photoshop - need advice

Photoshop should do very well for you. Try a little practice first. It sounds like you will be shooting limited setups at each scene so you should not have too much trouble with your settings. When you open your files in PS, open all of them from your last shot. You can make adjustments to your first file, and then sync those settings to all the files that have those same needs. This process should only take a few minutes. When you are done with all the files, select them all and convert them to jpgs in whatever folder you want. Your biggest problem will be battery power. I would suggest charging your laptop at each location to make sure you have the power you need between shoots. The important part is to practice this first instead of waiting to figure it all out on a bus. You will waste too much time and power trying to figure it out.

Hope this helps,

Chuck Canfield

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