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Re: Right - has anyone made a stupid mistake like I did?


Michael I think we agree basically.

Buying a camera should be a personal choice of what suits a person best.

I am just commenting on the often asked lazy question on whether this camera is better than that camera. As you have pointed out there is a subjective choice there. Perhaps someone has foolishly bought two very similar cameras and analysed their capability in a most rigorous fashion. But even here a subjective assessment must emerge depending upon that person's point of view.

The fact that owners of cameras (of various makes) often do not agree with the very technical and subjective reviews on this site must show that a persons ownership beliefs of any camera are coloured by their own preference and subjective judgement.

I fully agree that it is a legitimate question to ask for someone seeking the correct purchase for their own use but who knows what their abilities and needs precisely are?

I might say "forget all other cameras and buy a Rioch" as I love Ricoh cameras and they work for me. I think that the market penetration of Ricoh shows that they are not for everyone despite my thinking that they should be. Despite loving Ricoh gear I have enough intelligence to be able to seek out and buy a NX10 and managed to do so without having to ask others to advise me. I simply did my market research on a shop counter and bought it. Great buy.

On the other hand I have little time for Panasonic products but it has nothing to do with the quality of their product which is very good but more towards that hard to define "marketing philosophy". So does my grumble with market philosophy cloud my judgement of Panasonic products, you bet it does, and I am not competent to objectively advise on the purchase of any of their camera gear no matter how good.

So the enthusiasm for any product becomes part tribal loyalty for want of a better word and if someone has had a good experience with Samsung or any other brand of camera then they are happy in their club. So if you ask whether Samsung is better than another make on a Samsung forum then even those who try and very impartially answer have to have some colour added by the knowledge of ownership.

It sort of asks the question: "did you make the right choice buying your Samsung or did you make a stupid mistake?". You might get the right answer or you might get a stupid answer but in any case the logic of the question is flawed. (imho of course)

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