For those with: D300 and D7000

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For those with: D300 and D7000

Do you ever use your D300 any more?

I would certainly like the high ISO image quality of he D7000,
and a bit more resolution never hurts. The D300S images
get pretty noisy above ISO 1600. For evening wildlife
photography, I'm often at ISO 1600.

I was hoping to wait for the D400, but time is flying past.
Big signs along local freeways say the world will end on May 21
and I don't Nikon will deliver the D400 by then, so...
...I think of a getting a stop-gap D7000.
Heck, if the world does end, I won't have to pay the credit card;
seems like a win-win situation.

I know the RAW buffer on the D7000 is smallish.

I've read Thogan's opinion, but I'm requesting yours.

So, is the D7000 rugged and fast and focus-savy enough to replace
the D300S ?


ISO 1600, D300S + 500 f4 VR at f4:
Acorn Woodpecker in Yosemite:'s gear's gear list
Canon EOS 5D Mark III Nikon AF-S Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8G ED
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