Quo Vadis Nex?

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Re: Quo Vadis Nex?

Michael Kaminski wrote:

Also note the prototype of the Sigma (what was it 30mm) lens for NEX. Here also the lens is longer than it's counterpart for SLRs. Which brings me to the conclusion, that these lenses are not designed for Mirrorless cameras, but just adaptations from SLR lenses, with a built in adaptor and distance ring to fit them to a NEX.

I can think why they make the lensesw "adapted" SLR lenses (it is cheaper to develop) But I don't llike it to much. I do hope the brands will come with some reeal E-mount lenses too, but it will take time to develop I think.

Sorry, no offence, but I wonder if the System is not to be meant to be a serious try.

No offence taken, I think the Nex camera was introduced, but the lens lineup was to much in development. I think the Nex range will be de successor of the mirror cameras. So the Nex (and other mirrorless) are the future and the mirror cameras will slowly dissapear.. But it will take time.


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