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Re: photopaper

richardplondon wrote:

The inkjet coatings (as I understand it) may differ slightly in nature, depending on whether they are designed with dye or pigment ink in mind. Some papers have particles of specially porous clay-like materials in the coating, which dye particles bind into preferentially. Also there is a certain amount of moisture involved. So each paper has a certain capacity for ink, and selecting the appropriate paper type in the driver is essential in order to make full use of this, but no more.


I am aware that the different papers have diferent capasitys for ink. But what bothers me, is that plain paper has the least capasity for ink of all papers. I would think that the printer would not lay down enough ink on the paper to produce as rich and deep blacks as the photopaper is capable of. But I must be wrong in my assumption, since you and others are getting such good results with the method:-)

I still get very good results on black and white using photoshop to manage colors and the semigloss ICC profile.

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