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The Photosmith App works over your home Wi-Fi so you wouldn't be able to transfer to your home computer on the road (that would be killer) however, you could use an App like Dropbox to upload your images (including RAW I believe) to that and it would automatically be synced to your desktop or laptop computer. This would work over 3G on the road.

Shoot your images, take the card out of the camera use the camera connection kit to transfer them to your iPad while you continue to shoot. Once that is done send the images to Dropbox over 3G or even a local Wi-Fi if you have access and your done. Now the transfer of the raw images isn't going to be super fast over 3G or wi-fi, but it is do able and that would give you the backup you want.

The other thing that I find interesting is you could even use those JPEG previews to create a slideshow of some of the images to show off at the end of the wedding. There are lots of possibilities.

Now to be blunt here for me the big down is the transfer speed from the iPad to your home computer. Right now I am using a 3 speed wi-fi router at home and 8GB takes about 40 minutes to transfer. I just got a n speed router and hope that will help. With 3G it could take over an hour to do 8GB I don't know I haven't done that yet. But, it is still an option and things are getting faster. Even without the transfer from the iPad over wi-fi or 3G I could still find a ton of uses for the iPad 2 with my Photography at home and out in the field.

See if you can fiend someone local that has one that you can play with. You could get the Photosmith App and give that a try you would be out the $17 for the app if you didn't go for the iPad, but that is better than being out the price of the iPad 2. Also, I believe Apple does allow returns of the iPad, make sure and you could then try one and see for yourself. Again, you will be out whatever the Apps cost.

I think if more people kept an open mind and actually had a chance to give this a try they would be far more impressed than they think they would be. I have seen quite a few Photographers on the net that use an iPad and some are even professionals. One I can think of is Terry White:


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