Quo Vadis Nex?

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Re: Quo Vadis Nex?

Michael Kaminski wrote:

Thanks for the precise answer.

As far as rumors go, the new standard "highqialityzoom" shall arrive in 2012. So if the NEX-7 arrives in 2011 there will be no zoom that will give good imagequality. The current 18-55 zoom is already at it's limits with the current NEX-5.

The 18-55 is underrated, but I know what you mean; I wouldn't buy an expensive camera, certainly not a 24MP (rumored) camera, unless I could get the lenses I wanted for it. At one time, I toyed with the idea of a NEX-7 type camera with lenses to replace a lot of my DSLR shooting, using the DSLR only for sports/wildlife, but as time goes on, I see myself sticking with a compact NEX and 1-2 small lenses, and using the DSLR whenever I don't mind the bigger camera.

So NEX is a hold-file for 2012 and then possibly too big and too exotic to fill the small camera niche.

If Nikon ever delivers something like the system that's been rumored, it might be a good option, as it's supposedly based on a sensor that's even slightly smaller than m43.

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