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Re: DR - nice munching shot

oldhouse wrote:

I don't think reasonably good extension tubes are that expensive. used kenkos with the electronic contacts can be had for $120.

I don't consider them expensive either, but some do, considering that a Nikkor AIS 55mm doesn't cost much more (and is easily chippable), and the OP has noticed that's a considerable bit of the price of a used Tamron 90. There are auto tubes for $80, but I don't know about the quality.

I'm also not sure that a comparison shot of a nikon 60 versus a 50 f1.8 + tubes is a great way to show image degradation due to tubes. It does prove that the nikon 60 is quite sharp (but it is known as one of the sharpest anyway).

Well what is then, hehe? Btw that's the Tamron 60/2 (DX), not Nikkor. I don't think there are huge differences between macros regarding sharpness - though I believe the Tamron has remarkably low loCA. And I believe this is also quite representative for the performance of the 50/1.8D on tubes - the one lens the cheap macro experimentators are likely to have around. It shows that there is degradation but that the lens is quite useful for macro nevertheless. It also hints that generalisation is poor - some lenses are better on extension that others.

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