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Re: Voigtlander Ultron 40mm f2 for FF

Henry Richardson wrote:

You missed the point. The point is that a fast, small pancake can be made and, in fact, exists and the Voigtlander is even for FF. Some have said that they are not possible and that is why Sony doesn't make any. Also, check out the Samsung 30mm f2:

Henry, it's easier to design a pancake lens when you've already got lots of room due to a longer registration distance. It's easier to get 50mm from the sensor in a thin lens when the lens mount is 40mm away; a 50mm for NEX can't get too small. You'd never see a 70mm pancake like the Pentax. (Put that on an inch deep adapter and that's probably as good as it gets). I really hope for a 30mm pancake in the future, but honestly, at this point, that's about the only pancake lens in addition to the 16 that I'd hope for.

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