Hx100V going back to the store

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Hx100V going back to the store

When this bridge cam was announced and seeing the chatter, I thought I would take a chance. While this camera is A LOT of fun, there are just too many dealbreakers for me that I thought I could close my eyes on, get over, adjust to, etc.

Before I go into what I personally didn't like about it, I do have to say that it is one of the easiest camera (mechanics and programs) that I have worked with. There are a lot of photo/video taking options and it is a logical and easy drill down into the system. I will miss several of the options such as the HDR, the background blur, smile shutter, iPanoramic...It's totally a fun toy to play with

But all that being said, I was out to buy a smallish "photography" camera that would perhaps satisfy my background of DSLR but be "purseable" in size and take acceptable photos. This, unfortunately, failed to satisfy.

First...all that noise. I can't live with it. If Sony decided to add a RAW option, maybe it could have been workable. But they didn't.

Second...no RAW. Which would be okay if Sony would have given the typical fine/superfine/standard type options. I was actually REALLY surprised that this isn't here when it's been on every type of camera I have ever owned from p&S to DSLR. I can always buy more cards. I think it's a mistake that you can't take larger file pictures. Not everyone wants a compressed JPEG.

Third...the picture quality/compression options. Oh, wait. There is none.

Fourth...can't live with the "feathered" "frayed" edges when you zoom into photos. That painted look. If I can't work with RAW and I can't do some fun cropping post, then it's not something I want.

Lastly, too many widgets and gizmos...I long for a manufacturer to start making "photography" cameras again. If I wanted a movie camera, I would get one. The 3D stuff is a waste because unless you actually own a 3D and the $100+ pair glasses, it's useless. GPS? Numerous countries, like China for instance, will not allow GPS. So, if you use the camera for international travel, it's kind of lame.

All in all, I am rather disappointed in Sony. I feel like they made this camera for their 3D tv crowd as a way for them to create and use the TV's more. And less for the "photography" crowd still hoping for a bridge fixed that will actually be an answer.

Solution? I have returned it. Knowing that there is not a single bridge camera out there that takes the sort of photos I long for, I made the decision that the only compromise I will most likely be happy with is going to the micro four thirds route. These cameras end up being pretty close in size to the bridge. Yet with much larger sensors and more serious camera taking features. While I will need to carry a second lens for more than 100 zoom, these lens are pretty small and manageable. It's not the perfect answer, but for me I think it is the better answer.

But please enjoy the Sony. I did for the few days I owned it. It's not going to fullfill my personal wants and needs.

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