Quo Vadis Nex?

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Re: Quo Vadis Nex?

Michael Kaminski wrote:

That's the question. Is that really so? Are these new lenses just normal lens designs for cameras with mirrorbox?

I think you're asking if these are retooled versions of lenses designed for a longer registration distance, the answer is almost certainly no in the case of Sony; no idea on any 3rd party lenses). The R1's lens looked short, but front to back the camera was pretty long. Meanwhile, a couple of points ...

While the 18-200 looks big in pictures, relative to the body, it's roughly the size of the KM or Tamron 28-75/2.8; not a huge lens.

The mockups look smaller, making them look like not-terribly big lenses, depending on your tolerance and your needs and the actual specs.

We have no idea what they'll look like when they come to market; mockups are mockups.

A given lens is going to be so long unless they get creative with folded optics or something ... You should hope for a 16-80 that isn't as big as the Alpha 16-80 plus an inch long adapter ... but it's also not going to be that much shorter than a 16-80 (it could collapse like the Oly kit zoom).

Is it really not possible to make smaller high quality zoom lenses for mirrorless cameras?

Smaller than what ? There's nothing to complain about yet. Mockups of unknown specs that may or may not be accurate.

I'm not talking about pancakelenses. It's about highquality zooms. The R1 had a 24-120mm lens with aperture 2,8-4,8 for an APS-C sensor. And the dimensions were 139mmx168mmx97mm. So for what it delivered it had a quite small lens. (By the way it sold with the Zeiss lens for 950.-€)!

Here's the NEX versus F717:

If it competes in prize with an DSLR and is of nearly the same size, where's the advantage of the NEX?

Good question. I bought it to use with small lenses, not to replace my DSLR

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