XZ-1 it's not ...SZ-20 IT IS

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XZ-1 it's not ...SZ-20 IT IS

Just while everyone's posting on the XZ-1 ...and rightly so, stunning camera ...I'm finding the SZ-20 to be an interesting alternative tool. It's certainly not an equivalent - not meant to be - but I bought it as a no-nonsense P&S....and it's proving quite a bit better than I expected at the price. Even now, there are still very few reviews, but as a happy E-P1 owner, I put my faith in Olympus coming up with something useful.

And it truly is. Sure it doesn't have an f1.8 lens ...but the focal range starts at 24mm equiv, and goes right up to 300mm equiv. I'm getting shots that I simply couldn't with LX3/S90/F200 etc ... and nor could the XZ-1. Not that SZ-20 files are as clean as those of an XZ-1, but that's really not the point here. It's a different type of camera, far less specialised, but valid nontheless.

Haven't really the time for a proper, detailed review ...but a few points that, dependant on your needs, could I think make this camera well worth considering :

Pros :

Macro ...superb. Actually, there's a 1cm 'SuperMacro' setting - v useful.
Colour output - excellent, as one expects of Olympus
IS - sensor-shift, but it works well
Small - yes
Lightweight - yes
Inexpensive - yes
Stunning value - yes
Images respond well to pp ? - Definitely
Prone to blown highlights ? - Definitely not
Need an external grip because of poor design ('S90'-style) - definitely not
= Handling : excellent
HD video with stereo sound - yes
4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios - yes
Shadow Adjust - yes
ESP metering - yes (v accurate)
Eye-fi compatible - yes
Pixel mapping in-built - yes
Half the price of XZ-1 - yes

Cons : so far, only

Battery life - about 180 shots per charge = v poor ...you'll be needing a spare battery or two (Energiser versions of LI-50B run at £8-10 ...and there's no ridiculous Panasonic-style 'chipping' forcing you to buy dedicated manufacturer models)

Some recent examples here :

More at ..... http://nickbland.zenfolio.com


My RedBubble site : http://www.redbubble.com/people/NickBland
New SZ-20 images at : http://nickbland.zenfolio.com

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