Quo Vadis Nex?

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Re: Quo Vadis Nex?

You have to keep in mind that the NEX system does not consist only of the NEX 3/5 still cameras. The same lenses are also designed to serve the NEX-10 video camera, which is not compact and certainly not pocketable. Sony being a video-oriented company, they may be more interested in the NEX-10 part of the system.

Another thing is that rangefinder lenses can be very small, esp. in diameter, because they do not have auto-diaphragm mechanisms like SLR lenses, nor do they have autofocus (except for the late Contax G) or image stabilization mechanisms.

I think the E-mount is ultimately going to replace the A-mount SLRs and SLTs. Most people who buy SLRs don't seem terribly concerned about pocketability, and long or fast lenses for APS-C or larger formats are always going to be large.

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