D7000 Undocumented Items in Firmware Update?

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Re: D7000 Undocumented Items in Firmware Update?

Regarding the issues you mention, I may say that I did experiment both of them prior the latest D7000 firmware update 1.02. The first one I thought was my error when playing with controls and settings, but never happened again post update.

The VR/shacked pictures problem was about my main concern with my zoom 16-35 f4 VR, along side a proper AF fine tune (calibration). I have read in this forum people complaining about VR resulting in blurred pictures with some lens. For the moment, I set VR off, unless I really need it because of slow Shutter Speed and I am experimenting with -5 AF Fine Tune for back focus correction to see if things improve.

When using VR, we must remember to wait for a few seconds for stabilized viewfinder view with shutter button half pressed, before taking the photograph. That is even more important if you set the AF-L/AE-L for AF-ON, as the VR activation remains activated only by half press the shutter button. Nevertheless, if VR has improved since the last firmware update, is a good news!! Hope to read other fellows opinion..

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