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PowerShot SX130 IS battery life

mewnlite wrote:

I am on the fourth pair of AA Alkaline Energizer batteries. That is costly!
I have ordered a charger and 4 NiMH batteries which the camera
documentation claims will last 3 times as long (still not very mong).
Meanwhile I picked up an 8 pack of Lithium batteries (expensive) to tide me
So I'm happy with the quality but really unhappy with the power usage.
And I can't understand why Canon has chosen to save movies in such a
bloated format. Or am I missing something?

My GF and I took our SX130s to South Florida and did several days worth of outdoor daylight shooting in hot and humid environments. Using fully charged Sanyo Eneloops, and doing a lot of reviewing in the LCD, but no flash, we averaged between 300-350 shots.

Another way to prolong battery life is to turn off Continuous AF as recommended by Canon in the user manual. In the first week I had the SX130 I experimented to see if turning Continuous AF made a difference in shot quality, and it did not. Leaving Continuous AF on does make a difference in battery life, probably 50 shots less per charge.

It would be interesting to see reports of battery life from users who are taking a lot of indoor photos using flash.

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