Surprise by the D5100.

Started May 17, 2011 | Discussions thread
Jared Huntr Senior Member • Posts: 2,072
Reserve judgment until better lenses are installed

I have a D5000 which has even a larger grip than the D5100 and I find it unbalanced when you start to use heavier and physically longer lenses which shift the center of mass outwards. I recently got a SB-700 flash (which makes a huge difference in image quality over the smaller SB-400) and the smaller grip of the D5xxx series really starts to show it's weakness.

I've since added a grip which makes it so much more comfortable when the weight and length of the glass starts adding up:

Before this, my pinkie finger always felt homeless without a place to rest.

The nice part is since the body starts small to begin with, adding a grip still makes if suitable for most regular size camera bags, unlike adding a grip to a D7000 or D90 and larger models.

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