Quo Vadis Nex?

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Re: Quo Vadis Nex?

jazzroy1972 wrote:

good point, I cannot measure the industar because I'm still waiting it to arrive (anyone's got it already?), but from the pictures it's no more than 3 cm, maybe a bit less.

So, being the Sony 2,3 cm., the industar lens is definitly a pancacke one.

The adapter makes it grow 1 cm, bringing it at a max of 4 cm, still closer to the 16mm than to the 18-55, but placing it in a middle definition.

anyway, the pictures you posted (from seriouscompacts) show that the bigger sensor of sony seems not to influence lens size respect to m43.

18-55 is as long as 14-42, but if we measure the 18-200 is way bigger than the Panny 14-140.. strange...

I think the version you got is specified as 49mm x 33mm.

A good sideview image can be found at the pen-tax forum:


  • replace the underscores by dots.

They are part of a (copycat) group of surprisingly well performing and cheap lenses: Jupiter, Zenitar, Industar, Helios most at 50mm. You will like this lens, a lot.

Yes, we agree on the protrusion dimensions. Yes, it is a small lens, it will extend about half-size of the 1855, and about twice that of the 16F28 pancake - the 2.3cm of the sony pancake includes the mount height; the protrusion is less.

As to the difference in Nex and Panny zoom: 18-55 versus 14-42 differs by only 1cm in length, folded less than 5mm. The longer zoom: 18-200 vs. 14-140 differ by 6cm in focal length. This could yield a difference of 3cm in folded length. (eg. 10cm vs. 7cm). This makes a big difference, this is what you notice.

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