Surprise by the D5100.

Started May 17, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: Surprise by the D5100.

Mannypr wrote:

... When I picked it up and moved it around a bit I said ....Wooaa! . It feels great . It's small but my hands feel secure and just part of the camera . ...

Looking at the pictures in reviews, it seemed like it would have 'one finger' less room on the grip, which I would have thought to be a deal-breaker with my long hands. When I had a chance to pick it up, I was surprised how secure it felt, with all fingers doing their job. Kind of magic.

The D7000 felt odd to me, it did not feel immediately comfortable. It had a hard place at the bottom that dug into my hand. Interesting how very subjective all these things are.

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