Quo Vadis Nex?

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Re: Quo Vadis Nex?

gfrensen wrote:

Michael Kaminski wrote:

Just saw the new lenses that should appear on the market during the next years. If the rumor site ie right, then the new high quality standard zoom is nearly as long as the E18-200 lens. The front element looks quite large, so it might be a 2,8 lens. However what's the point of havng such a huge lens on a nex? I likeed the Sony R1 a lot, but at least it was a relatively cheap fixed lens combination.

To start with, Good High quality, fast lenses are large (for APS sized sensors that is) So very small ("pancake lenses") are compromised in some way. When Sony did come with the smal 16mm lens the question about the quality was all over the internet.

I hate to keep bringing up the Samsung 30/2 pancake lens here

No... strike that, actually I rather like mentioning that lens

Samsung seem to have managed a good quality, small, cheap but fast lens here in a very desireable focal length even though the company have very little previous optical expertise (their SLR stuff were all re-badged Pentax lenses) and aren't even using one of the 'good' OEM brands to manufacture it for them (my guess is that they've got Samyang making them)

The 16/2.8's complaints seem mainly down to sample variation caused by questionable quality control in the new Thai lens plant and the compromises implicit in desigining a lens specifically to be used with two different teleconverters without making it clear to customers that this is what is being done (why not sell it as a kit with the two adaptors for $400 instead of trying to pretend that it is a 'kit lens option' on its own? Then people might be happier with the optical compromises at 16mm!)

Although the shorter NEX registration distance gives their lenses a slight size disadvantage against Samsung's NX lenses, the NEX is clearly marketted on size and so Sony's seeming refusal to make small lenses to go with it is both bizarre and rather frustrating

Samsung continue to show that it would be possible for them to follow such a path and still maintain decent IQ and affordable lenses. I hope Sony decide to change their lens roadmap accordingly

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