Quo Vadis Nex?

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Re: Quo Vadis Nex?

Michael Kaminski wrote:

gfrensen wrote:

To start with, Good High quality, fast lenses are large (for APS sized sensors that is)

That's the question. Is that really so? Are these new lenses just normal lens designs for cameras with mirrorbox? Is it really not possible to make smaller high quality zoom lenses for mirrorless cameras?

Well YES when you want a fast lens you need large glass surfaces, so larger lenses.

Then to give a large FL the front lens has to be at a given distance from the sensor, nothing can be done about that ( or you have to make a miror lens or a colapseble one). And take a good look at real high quality glas for every cameraq, high quality means bigger lenses...

About the R1, it was a lot larger then the Nex, The Nex can be very small with the 16mm lens, The R1 was always as big as it was. The Nex can schrink (wwith the 16mm) or grow (with the other lenses)

I'm not talking about pancakelenses. It's about highquality zooms. The R1 had a 24-120mm lens with aperture 2,8-4,8 for an APS-C sensor. And the dimensions were 139mmx168mmx97mm. So for what it delivered it had a quite small lens. (By the way it sold with the Zeiss lens for 950.-€)!

Yes I remember DPreview told that the lens alone was good for the price of the R1.

The new Zeiss alone will most likely not cross the table for less than 500.-€. The Nex 7 will also be quite more expensive so we will surely be in the realm of DSLR. If it competes in prize with an DSLR and is of nearly the same size, where's the advantage of the NEX? If the lenses were small and expensive I could see the point.

Well size is one benefit of the Nex, but the capability of using almost any lens(with adapter) is an other. The fact there is no mirror that gives vibration or light loss is an other.

The only way the lens could convince if it delivered a similar zoomrange like the R1.

No not totaly true, there are many here waiting for fast primes, high quality zooms with a small range, others wants a not toexpancive 50-200mm lens others want macro, or big tele or....

Youn talk about a huge body for the Nex7, butr you didn't see the camera, as nobody here ever saw the Nex7. So yes, maybe the Nex7 will be close in size to the G3 of Panasonic, but Sony could have some surpices, as they had with the Nex, like the Nex3/5 Sony could make the smallest ILC with EVF in the world...

OK, htere were just some rumors it would look like the od Minolta A1, and honestly I'm fine with a bigger camera body. The NEX feels anyway a bit too small for my hands, and if I want more manual controls I'm OK with a bigger body.
My only concern is the lens size and if the unique selling point still exists.

Furthermore I#m not going to buy if I'm screwed with the emerors new cloth. And thats what many will see the same way.

Look how people are buying FF cameras (big and heavy, but with superior IQ in creativety, others are just buying a Cellphone, for the small size and the camra inside...

You have to buy the camera you like, is that a mirrorles? OK If it is a DSLR Fine,! You want the P&S? Go vor it etc.... You have to use the ccamera, go for the one you like best!


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