Quo Vadis Nex?

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Re: Quo Vadis Nex?

Michael Kaminski wrote:

Just saw the new lenses that should appear on the market during the next years. If the rumor site ie right, then the new high quality standard zoom is nearly as long as the E18-200 lens. The front element looks quite large, so it might be a 2,8 lens. However what's the point of havng such a huge lens on a nex? I likeed the Sony R1 a lot, but at least it was a relatively cheap fixed lens combination.

To start with, Good High quality, fast lenses are large (for APS sized sensors that is) So very small ("pancake lenses") are compromised in some way. When Sony did come with the smal 16mm lens the question about the quality was all over the internet.

About the R1, it was a lot larger then the Nex, The Nex can be very small with the 16mm lens, The R1 was always as big as it was. The Nex can schrink (wwith the 16mm) or grow (with the other lenses)

The "NEX-7" might be bigger as well. But then again we are in SLR-size interchangeable lens mount world. The Zeiss lens isn't probably going to be cheap either. So we have a huge body with Contrast AF, a big and expensive lens with a new mount, and a very small lineup. How does this positopn on the market? What's the point of buing this camera over an D-SLR, (the A77 for exmaple)?
Any constructive comments are appreciated.
Many greetings

Youn talk about a huge body for the Nex7, butr you didn't see the camera, as nobody here ever saw the Nex7. So yes, maybe the Nex7 will be close in size to the G3 of Panasonic, but Sony could have some surpices, as they had with the Nex, like the Nex3/5 Sony could make the smallest ILC with EVF in the world...

The Nex still is small with the 16mm pancake, a lot smaller then ANY other ILC camera. So you can buy the 16mm for fun and hiking/ low weight trips etc. And have the bigger, better lenses for the rest. I don't think the high qulity lenses will sell a lot, but they do atract people to the brand...

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