How to setup Wireless Repeater

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Re: How to setup Wireless Repeater

Many thanks.

I set WAN of wireless router to
192.168.100 -
LAN of repeater:
When I try to change DHCP to enable,
and then start IP and end IP

I get error.
Error code: 2005

Bad IP address pool (the Starting or Ending IP address), please input another one.

I am ok with wireless router DHCP start IP
and end IP

So, I would use this.

My repeater could have mode changed as "AP point", "Multi SSID", client,
repeater, universal repeater, AP-bridge.

When I chose AP Point, Multi SSID.. I can enter my SSID.
When I chose repeater, there is no place that I can enter my SSID.

So it still does not work.

Thanks for your help.

Birk Binnard wrote:

I did this very same thing about a year ago, although I did use different equipment. However, the process should be the same.

1. Make no changes to your wireless router. It should have DHCP enabled for a specific range of IP addresses you know...such as -

2. The repeater has 2 "sides" - one is the side that connects to the router (this is called the WAN side) and one is the side that sends out its own IP addresses to which you connect your own devices (this is the LAN side.)

3. Connect a PC to the repeater and give it a fixed IP address in the range of the dynamic addresses the router is set for. Make this fixed IP address higher than any address the router will assign dynamically. For example, if you have 4 wireless devices and 2 hard wired to the router (total of 6) give the repeater an address of something like (20 is higher than 6) so you should never encounter an IP conflict on the router.

4. Set the repeater's LAN side to use DHCP but with set of sub-net addresses that are different from those used by the router. For instance, if the router is set to - use the address range of - for the LAN side of the repeater.

5. Give the repeater a different name from the router so you can tell them apart when you go to "Connect to a Network". My guess is you will be able to see both the router & the repeater at the same time from most places.

That's almost it. The repeater will broadcast the 192.168.2.xx numbers and you will be able to connect to those. If you connect a PC to the repeater you should be able to see it at (remember, is the router.)

The reason this works is that there are 2 separate LANs with non-conflicting addresses.

The "Almost" is because all the above assumed no encryption. You should get it all working first and then add encryption later. That means setting up a WEP (or some other type) encryption key and using this on each connected device. You will need 2 such keys of course, one for the router and one for the repeater. I use the same key for both, but they really should be different.
Birk Binnard

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