GF1+20mm street / subway, C&C welcome

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Re: GF1+20mm street / subway, C&C welcome

aperture 56 wrote:

most people don't want to be photographed by a stranger

Have you asked "most people" about this, or are you assuming everyone is like you?

I would argue that most people don't care at all. I rarely take pictures of people I don't know, but when I'm out and about shooting other things, people very commonly and knowingly walk into frame. In fact, the most common cause of ruined shots is people walking into frame.

Either these people are utterly clueless about their surroundings, or they aren't as delicate about their privacy as you think they are.

One of my favorite pics I've taken is of a mother and her daughter on a boat in Belize -- the image itself came out tragically underexposed, but it was a great moment and I'm glad I caught it (even though the pic pretty much sucked). The father saw me shoot it and struck up a conversation in which he gave me his email address and asked me to send him a copy. So I did.

Ever since then I've not been shy about shooting people in public places. If someone were to object, I'd happily delete their image (because that's the kind of nice guy I am). But I debate that most people care one way or another.

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