cleaning your sensor with Scotch Magic tape (green package)

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Yes well

I'm sure an internet search on jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge would turn up some results recommending it as a good logical idea too. Just saying

When I did a liquid sensor clean, I made my own tools to do it. Pecpad or whatever they are called has a plastic applicator stick. I made one out of wood. I cut some standard pre-moistened lens cleaning material folded it over the end of the stick, taped it up high so it wouldn't come off, and did a couple of swabs over the sensor. Worked great and saved me about $80. The little bit of liquid on the lens cleaner material dries clean and does not streak. It's not a slurry. The material feels nearly dry.

I don't know how one would get tape into the camera to lay over the sensor in the first place. It would probably mess up the mirror box.

Good luck

new_newbie wrote:

hmm..advice taken. i've read and seen before after pics and seems you mentioned maybe on older cams. the adhesive method seems logical. the liquid method is like a slurry and unless thoroughly cleaned would leave some.

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