Panasonic GH1/GH2/G2 with Leica M lenses for low light?

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Panasonic GH1/GH2/G2 with Leica M lenses for low light?

I use mainly Leica M cameras for shooting in the late hours shots like the following.

I also do portraits (mostly candids and non formal) and I shoot motor sports with the Leica M.

Unfortunately, the longest lens, I use with the Leica is a 135mm , which gives an equivalent FOV of a 180mm lens on a 35mm film body.
I am very interested in the 2x crop factor of the Gxx models and it's EVF.
Also of big interest for me is the adaptability.

I am very interested in people's opinions, who use these Gxx cameras for similar purposes (low light with shorter focal lengths and tele photo).

I use for really dark lighting and for sports also a Nikon D3 kit, which I use less and less as of traveling restrictions on weight and bulk.

Which is the best camera, to use for my purposes from these models:

G1, GH1, G2, GH2 ?

I use exclusively Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Aperture.
Most of my shots are individually converted to B&W.

I shoot exclusively RAW file format.

How big are file sizes with each Gxx model?

Are there different file formats/ different bit depths RAW files as with Nikon or Leica?

I am not interested in video. I am only interested in the models with integrated EVF.

Thank you very much for any helpful comments.

"racing with hot food" 50mm | 1/15 | f1 | ISO640

"married ?" 50mm | 1/250 | f2 | ISO1250

"late dinner" 50mm | 1/60 | f1.4 | ISO160

"grilled" 50mm | 1/250 | f1.4 | ISO640

"turn the world" 50mm | 1/30 | f2 | ISO1250

"stars and glasses" 50mm | 1/45 | f1 | ISO640

"…" 50mm | 1/15 | f2 | ISO640

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