D300s not synching at 250 sec with Alien Bees

Started May 15, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: D300s not synching at 250 sec with Alien Bees

VinceB34 wrote:

Hello -

I'm having trouble getting my Nikon 300s to synch at 250 sec when paired with my Alein Bee 800 strobes... I am firing them via Calumet radio trigger. When I set the camer on M, and set the shutter to 250, I get a dark band across the top of the image. When I slow the shutter to 125, the image looks great.

Is this an issue with the Alien Bee discharge time not being fast enough?

No, it is the radio trigger. Just use a sync cord to the near light to immediately prove that. Some inexpensive radio triggers are simply not fast enough. Or sometimes it is just that their batteries need to be replaced.

You do need the 1/250 second. The flash exposure is not affected by shutter speed, so it really does not matter what shutter speed is, however, the fast shutter speed will keep out the continuous modeling lights, which also prevents mixed white balance.

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