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Image quality

As far as wringing hands on the image quality of respective cameras is concerned I have always maintained that a good golfer with one wooden shafted club is going to tan the hide of your average Joe with a big bag of Tiger Woods collectibles.

Take some lessons, read some books, practice a lot. When you understand the craft any camera will work better. Helps to have a bit of natural talent as well and no camera is going to provide that.

Of course if you have done your homework and spent some of your own cash then the best camera will jump out and bite you. (smile)

Meanwhile back in the real world I did pick up and try a NEX and a Panasonic G-something yesterday and they seemed light and flimsy compared to the NX10. So if feeling good in the hand is anything the NX10/11 wins by a canter. Therefore if you don't know much about cameras you can't beat the NX10 in it's class of camera. (Impeccable logic!)

Actually getting great images takes some dedicated practice and the camera used is of secondary importance.

There! that should get the juices flowing (grin)

.... but we must admit that there is an awful lot of angst over which camera "is better" than the next. My argument is that if you don't know then you can hardly tell he difference and the Tiger Woods clubs ar a little wasted and you might as well just use the one that you have got or buy one that "feels good" is easy to use and then practice your skills. Once you reach the state of Nirvana you will "know" the camera you need and should not have to ask.

Needing to ask on a Samsung forum will get Samsung-centric replies and the same will happen for the brand nominated on any other forum. The fact is that they all take great images in the hands of someone who has done their proper apprenticeship.

Samsung works for me but then most other cameras do as well, so I just buy what I like to use and let the camera look after itself. Seems to work in it's own illogical way.

So if you like the feel of a Samsung but your neighbour swears by his Panasonic but he is a great photographer then buying a Panasonic ain't going to emulate his results. (Neither will your Samsung but at least you have made your own choice in a less sheep like manner).

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