tamron vs sigma vs pentax on lens

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Re: tamron vs sigma vs pentax on lens

Alright, James, I know you love your 55-300 but let me curb your overly one-sided "no brainer" comment a little for the sake of fairness.

CA/PF and distortion can be corrected in post easily (as long as it is within correctable limit). Adobe Lightroom will happily remove it for ya and the Tamron and Sigma are in no way beyond correctable limit.

Macro? 2 pictures speak 2000 words.



Contrast and resolution, the Pentax 55-300 is better. But I sold the Pentax and Sigma. Why? They fetch the best price! IMO, if the output of 3 lenses are not easily differentiable then I keep the cheapest. Same reason I keep the Sigma 50-150 instead of DA* 50-135.

Am I tempted to re-acquire the 55-300? Sure do! But it's just LBA.

jamesm007 wrote:

kentokun12 wrote:

Anyone compared Pentax DA 55-300 mm
and Tamron AF 70-300mm and Sigma 70-300mm.

I have Pentax DA 55-300mm but I am thinking about getting the 70-300 that has macro. Anyone has any experience with these?

Are Tamron or Sigma better than Pentax? Is the Macro capability worth Tamron and Sigma?

... It does not have too much CA/PF that is noticeable, it does not have too much distortion, it does not lose contrast in any noticeable way, it has an extended zoom range, it does not need to be stopped down for good IQ, in fact with my copy there is no difference between 300mm f/5.8 and 300mm f/8 (good center sharpness both settings), it has those "Pentax Colors"...

Now reality check...

Both the Sigma and Tamron have much better macro; but not worth the performance lose IMO.

Again DA55-300mm = No Brainier

Sigma 70-300mm APO (superb CA/PF performance and contrast); Tamron 70-300mm DI (good sharpness stopped down a bit)...= chose which you need. Do a search on those lens and you will find what they do great and not so great.

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