GoPro Camera Advertisements - How can they afford it?

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Re: GoPro Camera Advertisements - How can they afford it?

GoPros have an enormous market base. They engage in a very effective marketing form, encourage user submissions, and often use clips shot by owners in their video productions, and have right since the company started operations. They have virtually cornered the market on that type of camera in a very short time, and unlike some of their competitors ( who are also very worthy, BTW), they package their products in a "one stop shop" format; you want to use it for a car, buy the motorsport package...sailing/surfing, by the surf get everything you could possibly, mounts, housing. Charge and shoot.

I remember thinking the same thing about RedBull...sponsoring everything sports related, including some VERY high dollar sports ( Formula One, the RedBull air races,etc.) and wondering how on earth they could afford to do it all.

I did a little research and found some numbers on their global sales in 2006 (if memory serves), and the answer was readily apparent; they make BAGS of money, and every dime they spend on advertising like that is returned a thousand tiems over.

In both cases, just good business.

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