My main gripe with my D7000 (and it's not what you think)

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My main gripe with my D7000 (and it's not what you think)

No, it's not the commonly referred to back focusing, or overexposure or yellow skin tones, or ridiculously overpriced accessories - it's the GRIP!!!

Mind you - relatively speaking - this isn't a bad gripe to have about a camera. However it is a significant one as "the feel in your hand" is often the deal maker or breaker between various models.

For the 1st time, I pre-ordered a camera before it hit the shelves in Sept. 10 (always a risky thing to do) and was one of the first to receive it in my city in October so I couldn't pick it up and hold it beforehand. However I could have returned it within 14 days of purchase for a full refund so obviously this wasn't a deal breaker for me.

Anyhow, picking up where this thread left off: I wanted to chime with my thoughts on this "issue"

I by no means have an extra large hand but there is really no doubt that the D7000's hand grip and thumb rest are a let down - a significant one compared to the D90 and certainly the D300.

The D7000 is an amazing, full featured, high performance camera - no question. Those that don't feel that it's grip is as robust as previous models aren't paying attention. It's is not opinion - it is a fact. While the D7000's grip is shallower than the D90, my main problem with the D7000's grip is the lack of width vs. the D90 and other Nikon models (although dpreview's stats indicate only a difference of 2mm - seems to make a big difference though)

For bigger/heavier lenses like the 17-55 2.8 you pretty much have to get the battery grip (which I have done) so the camera won't feel so completely out of balance and uncomfortable - which it does nicely. However the grip won't do anything about the width or shallowness of the main body grip - it just gives the camera more "beef" for the lower part of your hand to "grip" onto.

Anyway, the images showing the very small/flattish thumb rest have already been posted but here it is again for reference (the lack of Nikon's usually ample and properly formed thumb rest is a big surprise) In fact, some have even blogged about it (no it's not my blog):

You can clearly see how much nicer/better the D90's thumb grip is vs. D7000:

Now, here are the top down views of the D90 and D7000 - you can see the differences. Note how much wider it is on the D90 (just use the top LCD screen on both as a rough guide) also note how you can see the front of the grip below the top of the camera on the D90 and not so much on the D7000.



So you have a thicker and wider grip on the D90 in part because they made the D7000 narrower - why? There was certainly no design limitations - if they could do it on the D90 why not on the D7000?

Nikon definitely dropped the ball on this one.

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