Repairing my 450D shutter button!

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Repairing my 450D shutter button!

After buying a second hand 350D, I just realized how soft and undefined my 450D shutter button felt. Indeed, the 350D I bought hasn't served much, as it has only taken about 8.000 pics, whereas my 450D probably exceeds 20.000 pictures.

On the 350D, the shutter button feels solid, and there is a clear distinction between the half-press (focus) and the full press (shutter release). On my 450D, there is no distinction, so I thought that the shutter button must be dirty or so.

I decided to try the isopropyl solution, and it did not work (but thanks god, it did not hurt the camera either).

So I had the take the camera apart (as the camera is out of warranty anyway).

Removing the back panel was easy. I had to remove all of the bottom screws and the thumb rest, too. The harder part was to remove the front panel, and there I understood that there was one screw hiding behind the soft rubber, below the small light.

And there we go:

After this, I had to get to the shutter button itself. In order to to so, I had to unscrew a couple of screws from the top panel, carefully, because there is a small spring with a ball which makes the encoding wheel so stiff, and it is really ready to spring off!

Next step is to open the shutter button to see what's in there: the thing I saw was not nice! The small metal plate, which has to positions, is broken on one side, and that's why the shutter felt so undefined (but worked well, still).

Living in europe, I knew it would be close to impossible to get my hands on this part (would have been much easier in the US )

Then I remembered that some time ago, I took apart an old Canon Ixus, the Ixus 50 methinks. I managed to find the top panel , with the shutter button, and it seemed to work well. The button didn't look all the same, but once I opened it, I saw the same metal plate as the one in the 450D! I've got to be lucky!

But I have to say I'm disappointed to see that Canon uses that same parts for a compact camera and a DSLR ( and I understood that the same item is used in all their DSLR!).

Ok, now the hardest part: put everything back together!

The hardest thing is to put the right screw in the right place, and I'm must say that I did not make my homework! I should have marked the screws, or use separate cups...

Well, after closing the camera, it did not power up, and I almost had a hart attack! But it was because I forgot to put the battery cover on the camera . After doing so, the camera DID power up, but I got a ERROR99 message after releasing the shutter! The camera did a strange noise and the mirror did not seem to want to get back to its original position. After doing my research, I found that the left screw on the top panel was not the good one, and as it was too long, it blocked the shutter mechanism in the camera!

I replaced the screw, powered the camera, took a shot, and hallelujah! It now works flawlessly, and the shutter button is as firm as it was on the first day.

So all in all, I'm happy I did it, but bear in mind that you really have to know what you're doing when you want to open up those "toys".

Thanks for reading!

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