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Re: Blurred backgrounds = short depth of field...

snake_b wrote:

Samsung has that facility, and I'm assuming most cams in the upper end of features can as well. In the case of my Samsung, the results are ok, but the picture must be sufficiently "busy" to cover up that it's simply blurring a band on the top and bottom, with no blurring of the left and right center border. Vignette is excellent, though sometimes too strong.

I think the "banded" application of blur that you mention is an attempt to simulate the "miniaturisation" effect that some people find interesting. It is intended to make scenes from life look like they are scale models.....

.... (as it happens, scale models that have been badly photographed, but hey! )

The blur to which I was referring is more sophisticated than that. It attempts to identify which areas of the image are behind the subject, and blur those only. The effect is not banded, rather "zoned," and more like real shallow DoF effects.

If I recall correctly, the camera marque was Sony.... [????]

"Ahh... But the thing is, they were not just ORDINARY time travellers!"

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