7D or 7DII

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Re: 7D or 7DII

I'm in the position of wanting a 7D now too, and I believe the OP should purchase the 7D now! (as for me.. well, after I could sell my lovely 500D).

There are 2 things I would look at.

Price rises/product shortages:

I've seen camera/lens prices rise by around 10-15% since the Japan earthquake, but I don't see it dropping much in the next several months either.. given the rolling power outages in Japan and as summer is approaching.. production won't get significantly better. Most Canon factories are already up and running (and were already doing so by early April). If you are putting off a purchase now because of the product shortages/price rises then I'd say don't bother waiting.

7D II release:

As to the release of 7D II, my guess is probably as good as any others'. Looking at the general lineup and updating times of the whole Canon lineup, 7D II would (to me) be due by the third quarter of 2011. The earthquake in Japan may have disrupted research and development of the new product. At the same time, it has caused a sharp drop in consumer confidence and spending. To liven up the market, I'd think it would be beneficial to release the new product earlier rather than later. As to when is 'early'... I would say before Christmas or by January 2012 (but after a 5D III). Either way, it's reasonable to say that 7D II won't be released for the next several months. If you need a camera now then get the 7D.

If money/depreciation cost is an issue, as an alternative to buying 7D and selling it when 7D II comes out... why not buy the 60D and sell it when the 7D II comes out? I would've chosen this option if the release of 7D II was bothering me.

Luckily for me, no one seems to want a 500D nowadays.. so by the time I do sell it, the 7D II may be out

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