G3 heralds the end of APS-C DSLRs

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Re: Even if you were right, you'd be wrong

ljfinger wrote:

And it defishes quite excellently. I've pretty much stopped using my rectilinear ultrawide because the fish is faster, wider, and more flexible.

The fish loses quite a bit of FOV and quite a bit of IQ when defished. That's why rectilinear UWAs are manufactured and sold to people seriously interested in WA photography without fisheye effects. So my question still stands: What such lens would you included in your 1.7 kg 5D kit?

That's equivalent to about 170mm and f/4 on full-frame. The 24-105 is a bit short for that. If that was important, I might switch to something like the 17-40L and 70-200/4L IS, which just about covers the equivalent of 8.5mm to 100mm all at f/2 on 4/3.

So let's calcuate the weight: Canon 5D 900 g. 17-40 500 g. 70-200 700 g. You are 400 g overweight already, the 17-40 cannot match the 7-14 for FOV at the wide end and you lack a fast prime.

Now on to what you have to say about the T3 kit versus the GH2 kit


It has a far-superior viewfinder

In what respect? That of the GH2 is larger, brighter, has 100% coverage, covers the frame exactly, and allows magnification.

The T3 has no lag, unlimited dynamic range and it uses no power.

Correct. I find the advantages I listed for the GH2 of greater importance.

autofocus system

Accuracy according to optyczne.pl
T3i: 32.5 % perfectly accurate shots
GH2: 87.5% perfectly accurate shots

Useless test, as I've gone into in the past. I have a T2i and it basically doesn't miss at all on stationary shots, and it'll track fast-moving subjects with reasonable performance. These guys have no clue how to test focus performance if they think the T3 only gets 1/3 of its shots in focus. I have nearly 20,000 shots to prove otherwise, some of which were in very tough conditions.

Again. Nothing but subjective impressions on your part. Your general posture is to discard off hand any piece of information that is not consistent with your preconceptions. "These guys have no clue" etc. You wouldn't stand a chance for credibility by scientific standards.

AF-times/shutter lag according to Imaging Resouces:
T3i full AF: 0.283 s
GH2 full AF: 0.273 s

T3i prefocused: 0.087 s
GH2 prefocused: 0.068 s

T3i manual focus: 0.114 s
GH2 manual focus: 0.077 s

I don't know what the hurry is on stationary subjects. Time to achieve initial focus is irrelevant.

For reasons already explained many times around, it is not.

Try tracking moving subjects and the story will be vastly different.


Try low-contrast small subjects and the story will be different as well.


Contrast detect doesn't allow precision focusing (focusing on tiny portions of the frame, ignoring the rest).


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