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Re: Even if you were right, you'd be wrong

ljfinger wrote:

Depends on what I'd want to do there. I routinely go with my 24-105/4L IS and my Sigma 15mm fisheye. The 24-105 is as fast as your primes but far more flexible.

No, that kit is neither as fast, nor as flexible with respect to FOV as the one I proposed.

The fish is wider, faster and better optically than the 7-14.

The fish is a fish. We can discuss it in relation to the Panasonic fish if you like. But I am talking about rectilinear lenses. What do you propose to go with your Canon 5D kit here apart from the 24-105/4L IS that you already mentioned.

If I really needed long-reach in a small package, there'd be no way to get something as effectively slow as the 45-200 so it would be bigger (and two stops faster, which is often important at the long end).

OK. It seems you have difficulties here. So let me propose my Minolta MD 85/2 (54 mm long, 280 g) as an alternative to the 45-200 and see what you can come up with.

Now on to what you have to say about the T3 kit versus the GH2 kit


It has a far-superior viewfinder

In what respect? That of the GH2 is larger, brighter, has 100% coverage, covers the frame exactly, and allows magnification.

autofocus system

Accuracy according to optyczne.pl
T3i: 32.5 % perfectly accurate shots
GH2: 87.5% perfectly accurate shots

AF-times/shutter lag according to Imaging Resouces:
T3i full AF: 0.283 s
GH2 full AF: 0.273 s

T3i prefocused: 0.087 s
GH2 prefocused: 0.068 s

T3i manual focus: 0.114 s
GH2 manual focus: 0.077 s

and sensor

The DxoMark DR curves (which not only provides good indications of DR per se but also of shadow noise at higher ISO) is virtually a copy of that for the GH2, in spite of the smaller area of the m43 sensor.

and it has video crop modes which can be really useful sometimes.

Like which ones superior to those found on the GH2?

Tokina 10-17

Doesn't exist.

That's odd. I have one.

Again, I thought we were discussing rectilinear lenses rather than special-effects things. So I thought you meant the Tokina 11-16. Is the latter what you'd like to propose as an alternative to the Panasonic 7-14? If so the comments I have already made still stands: Better MTF, flare-resistance, max FOV, and zoom range for the Panasonic. Besides, you'll also run into trouble with the weight requirement here. The Tokina fisheye 10-17 is 350 g. But the Tokina 11-16 rectlininear lens is 560 g versus 300 g for the Panasonic 7-14.

It's quite a nice lens. Very flexible. Twice as wide as the 7-14, but can be a rectilinear from around 13mm and up that's just as wide.

The Tokina 10-17 is a fisheye at all focal lengths. What do you propose as a replacement within your 1.7 kig limit when it comes to rectilinear lenses?

Tamron 18-270VC

Mediocre optically like most superzooms.

Actually, it's quite good, and I've used it myself on a high-pixel-count 1.6-crop camera. I was quite surprised.

Based on the tests I have seen, it's about as mediocre as you'd expect from any superzoom. You can't expect one of those to go equal with two separate zooms, both of which in the 3X to 4X range.

Canon 50 1.8

No star optically. Cheap build. Not on a par with the Minolta MD 50/1.4.

And, on top of that, where's your equivalen to the Panasonic 20/1.7?

I was using the 50/1.8 for both, if you don't like that use the 35/2 and 85/1.8, both of which are superior, especially the 85/1.8 which is one of the fastest focusing lenses ever built. Very small and light, and I've owned and used both (still own the 85/1.8).

How can a 50 on APS-C replace a 40 on m43? And how do you fit both of these within the overall weight restriction?

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