G3 heralds the end of APS-C DSLRs

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Re: and that's before we talk AF micro-adjust! ;-)

PerL wrote:

antoineb wrote:

have you seen how many users of enthusiast DSLRs (dk7, 7D) get into lengthy worries, over weeks if not months, because they feel their shots are not sharp enough? They use AF micro-adjust, worry, redo it, worry some more. End up sending the stuff to Nikon / Canon for adjustments. Worry some more. And so on.

With a contrast-detect AF, it will always be 100% precise. And now that it's as fast as the AF's on even enthusiast cameras, which still bother with that obsolete design?

Because CDAF cant predict focus the way PDAF can.

Not necessarily true. In some respects, PDAF does use contrast to detect focus. The difference is that there are multiple sensors accross the entire frame. Using multiple PDAF sensors an algorithm can figure out where the subject has moved from and in what direction by analyzing all the sensors.

It could be possible to do it in CDAF, but that would mean multiple areas of the frame have to be analyzed at the same time, which requires significantly more processing power.

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