G3 heralds the end of APS-C DSLRs

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Re: Even if you were right, you'd be wrong

ljfinger wrote:

Larger sensors still win.

True. But as I said earlier, there could come a point where it no longer matters--a point where m4/3 quality is good enough for the vast majority of people and its size advantage weighs more heavily than its image quality deficiency compared to APS-C DSLRs. That is where m4/3 could overtake APS-C DSLRs, not in terms of image quality alone but in terms of overall system appeal.

Even if you were right (which you aren't), this camera shows how these cameras can never be small and include a half-way decent EVF at the same time. Good EVF = big EVF optics, as any telescope owner knows (telescope eyepieces follow the same rule, of course). And these cameras have little point if they aren't small, which they aren't, especially if you include a lens.

Depends what you consider a small camera and half-way decent EVF. Having not used a G3 I can't comment on the quality of its EVF, but I'd consider that a small camera. It's significantly smaller than entry level DSLRs like Canon's Digital Rebels and Nikon's D5100. More crucially it's part of a small system, i.e. m4/3. While the camera itself is quite a bit smaller than DSLRs in the same class, it really presses the advantage in terms of overall system size. G3 plus a few lenses will be much, much smaller and lighter than the equivalent DSLR system.

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