cx5 happy but noise...

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Re: cx5 happy but noise...

mmistrz wrote:

No, no other camera offer what cx series does - multitarget focusing. I love this feature though did not use it much, yet.

Not sure how tightly you are restricting 'no other camera' but my Canon DSLR - a 2008 model - has automatic depth of field where the autofocus settles on the points in the photo that it detects and the aperture is adjusted to ensure sufficient depth-of-field that all the focus points will be included in the depth of field, and thus be in focus. I can't think of any other way to achieve the same thing automatically so I assume it is the same thing as your CX does. Other cameras may offer the same thing, I can't say, but 'no other camera' takes in a bit too much territory.

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