cx5 happy but noise...

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Re: cx5 happy but noise...

Perhaps I may supply some more cx5 photos if have some more time.

Most who replied to my dilemma, missed entirely my idea that my new camera must have a new generatiion sensor. You tend to point the camera you may emotionally be attached to or simply your favour in Ricoh range.

No, no other camera offer what cx series does - multitarget focusing. I love this feature though did not use it much, yet.

The perhaps new generation sensor probably already exist. Sony camera issued not long ago, with I think 24X zoom is described by users as superb IQ. This is exactly what I am after.

Having some more time, I have to examine more in depth. Even if it is, this would be just one camera using this sensor. It is wise to wait for other makers to use this sensor and as I said, the camera say 500g max, with enough manual control and RAW (sony does not have RAW) and functionality of ricoh cx series, is what I dream of.

It's not my final word but so far the closest camera to my next ideal would be: the sony (forgot the model name) plus RAW, plus multitarget focusing. Well it may be near it.

Oh, I noticed that sony one, has a short range of built in flash. It may mean that the flash itself is too small for the camera or that the real sensitivity is low.

Maybe what I need to do is wait and see what is coming up.

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