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A simple "as-shot" conversion from Raw to JPEG using Canon software won't be superior to what the Digic 4 produces. Any superiority comes from being able to choose settings other than "as-shot", or from using non-Canon software.

Yes it will - and it is. Check the resolution of any Digic 4 JPEG and compare it to the RAW conversion by clicking the "Reviews" button at the top of this page.

As you say, there are of course advantages in shooting RAW when it comes to making adjustments, we are in agreement here, but Digic 4 JPEGs are inferior to DPP's RAW converter JPEGs.

Just because it may be a very slow procedure for the DPP RAW converter to emulate what Digic 4 does, doesn't mean that Digic 4 doesn't have some very real time and power constraints placed on it or that a dedicated chip with no power or time constraints couldn't produce a better JPEG than Digic 4. As it is DPP's RAW converter produces a more detailed image with fewer digital artifacts (mainly haloes) than Digic 4 even without any adjustments to the RAW file.

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