Competitors to Xrite?

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Re: Competitors to Xrite?


A competitor to X-Rite is DAtacolor (or Colorvision). They make devices to calibrate monitors and printers. I have their printer calibrator as well as the X-Rite one. I find the results to be comparable but DataColor's is better because of its ability to alter/fine tune the profiles (IMHO.) X-Rite has just come out with new software that I do not have so I don't know how "improved" it is.

For support Colorvision has a user forum on Yahoo that they monitor regularly. When I installed Windows 7 I had misplaced my serial number so it would not install. I posted on a weekend and David Miller fron Colorvision actually e-mailed me his serial number until I could get a replacement number from their support. Others on the DP forum have had some problems with Colorvision's support ticket approach (accessed from their website.) I have no experience with that since I have always had my questions answered on their forum.

Bob Schoner

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