Image "split in two" on camera LCD.

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Re: I'm curious if you

Jim N'AZ wrote:

regularly format your cards in camera or in a computer? I've never formatted in the computer in over 11 years here on DPR and find most do the same. I format right after dnloading to LR, as soon as I remove the card(s) from the reader. Could be a "knock on wood" kind of thing, but I've never had a corrupt image in all that time.
Regards, Jim

I took a photography class a couple of years ago and we passed around our cards to different BRAND cameras and models. Needless to say, when I went to use the cards again, I got some corrupt images.

Formatting didn't help. Because formatting does NOT erase the card. It only resets the directory.

What did help was a complete WIPE of the card. If you download SanDisk Rescue Pro software you will see a 'Wipe Media' feature in the program. This completely erases a memory card.

Just as test, I would try using the 'Wipe Media' feature in the SanDisk Rescue Pro software.


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