G3 heralds the end of APS-C DSLRs

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Re: well f1 on m43 is not that difficult

Klarno wrote:

MichaelJP wrote:

Also a slight misconception is that a 20mm on 4/3s is 40mm at 35mm equivalent.
In terms of focus convergence it is not.

Most apparent when used in closer up photography - ie how much or noses will look bigger.

Sorry, but the misconception here is yours.

Perspective distortion is a function of distance to subject and nothing else. The focal length only influences magnification, and when you factor in the format, the angle of view.

A foreground element will look just as big relative to a background element at any distance with a 7mm lens as it will with a 50mm or a 300mm lens at the same distance. Regardless of the format.

What you say is correct for most practical purpose in relative sizes for objects at a medium to large distance. At close-up, almost by definition of magnification, the lens

must perform differently just from the fact that the convergence of the light will be at different angles for objects of the same apparent size on the sensor. How that shows itself in the in the image will depend on the focal distance of the lens - the change being some function of the focal length and as I mentioned above - most likely not always so apparent.


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