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Re: So you want color...

I have deleted the photos from my gallery. You requested criticism of your photos, so instead of telling you about them I decided to show you. It is unfortunate that you expect criticism of praise.

I am sorry but I can not do that. In your series Morning Sunlight I see the photo of the siidewalk yes the sidewalk and the flare of the sun which produced the octogonal reflection (second sun) of the camera's aperture. I guess others have not noticed it. Need not comment on the others.

One said that I was a hypocrite. Looking at my gallery. Actually 4 pictures were for a respond to a member requesting the the high dynamic setting available on the firmware update of Dlux 4.

One photo was taken without the setting and the other was shot using the setting of high dynamic - art. I had recently updated the firmware and took these for my comparison. These 4 pictures were straight out of the camera.

As far as the other of The Taj Mahal please see the thread

"Taj Mahal Different Perspective...Can you help improve it." In the retouching forum.
I cannot take credit for this picture. The credit goes to member jatt.

There are many threads in photo retouching about HDR and member results. Many look very good.

Their is difference between HDR and high dynamic. Photomatrix and Oleono produce HDR. The photos I posted were high dynamic.

I noticed that the Leica pictures were not out the camera. There was a reference to Color Efex. I looked at their website. Looks like they have "high dynamic" filters such as saturation, sunshine, and polarization.

So if you applied these welcome to high dynamic or mistakenly described as HDR.

The orignal thread I started went from a few questions to various topics.
Lecia is a greater camera for black and white.
A plug for Nik Software.
Being called a hypocrite.
Theft of an image
Manipulation of an image.
French expressions.
And on they go.
It's time to backoff.

I hope we can return to a forum where members ignore equipment, accept criticism both good and bad. I have enjoyed the photo retouching forum where members ask other members for help in their photography.

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